Rotapplr Stack will create an Apple-like slideshow with 4 rotating small banners on the right side and a big banner on the left with optional rounded left corners. It will stop auto-rotating as long as your mouse is hovering over a banner. While hovering a scroll button will fade in to manually slide through the banners.


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  • Radius: This will set up the corner radius on the left side, 0 means no rounded corners
  • Big Width/ Big Height: Dimensions of the large banner in pixel
  • Small Width / Small Height: Dimensions of the small banner in pixel
  • Time: Duration until the banners rotate
  • Image Small (1-4): Small images on the right
  • Image Big (1-4): Huge images on the left
  • Link (1-4): Links for the small and huge images
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  • Safari 5+: yes
  • Firefox 8+: yes
  • Chrome 16+: yes
  • Opera 11.52: yes
  • IE < v9: yes, but no rounded corners
  • IE >= v9: yes