Content Expander Stack

With a Content Expander Stack you can easily display hidden content by clicking or hovering with your mouse. The hidden content will slide in from top to bottom.
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Example I: Loading Images
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Example II: Loading text and other Stacks
Example III: Expanding by hover
Image Loader (2013/04/28)


    Width of activator: You can enter values like "100%", "250px"
    Orientation: Left, Center or Right
    Animation time: The time for sliding content in or out (values in ms or words like 'fast' , 'slow')
    Hover: Enable in order to activate the expanding effect
      Delay: Time in ms until the expanding effect will start
    Animation time: The time for switching 'show more' and 'show less' stacks
    Alt. Stack: Enable to show a different Stack for the activator after the content has been expanded

Browser Compatibility

  • Safari
  • Chrome
  • Opera
  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox


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Download Project File

Infos and Requirements

Rapidweaver 5/6
Stacks 2 only
Stacks 2.1.8
Compatible to
responsive themes
Internet connection
for preview