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Content Scroller Manual

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Download a demo version of this stack. You can set all options but you cannot add or modify the content


Box Height: The height of the scrolling box
Vertical Bar Width: The width of the scrolling bar
Arrow Height: The height of the arrows (width is the same as Vertical Bar Width)
Show Track / Show Drag: Enable or disable those two bars
Bar Color / Drag color: Sets the color of those two bars
Arrow Color / Arrow Hover Color: The background color of the (hovered) arrows
Images: Add at your page inspector -> head -> ressources some images and use those here. The path is % rapidweaverAssetPath%/yourImage.png

Notice: If you add custom images set the vertical bar width value to the width of the arrow image


Here are two screenshots for setting up a Content Scroller Stack with custom arrows



Compatibility to other Stacks

This stack should work as long it is visible while building up your page. If this is not the case it needs to be reinitialised, which is not always easy. If you have a stack that brings you in this situation, let me know and I will try to find a solution if possible.

Currently supported:


  • Safari: yes
  • Firefox: yes
  • Chrome: yes
  • Opera: yes
  • IE7+: yes, but no rounded Scrollbars