• Stacks should be installed by double-clicking on .dmg file and following the instructions.
  • Take a look at this video:
  • I don't know but please let me know. There's always a possibility to make me try adding this feature
  • All my stacks use the integrated update feature and all updates will be free for you
  • If you want it for commercial use, please buy one stack per Mac to be used at. If it is for private use you can install it on every Mac in your household as long as those Macs are part of your family
  • If video playback does not work for ogv files with for example Firefox, try to put a file called ".htaccess" in your video folder with the following content: AddType video/ogg .ogv
  • Please do not use # as url for the link! Instead use "javascript:;" without the quotes.
  • Please set the security options of gatekeeper so that all applications are allowed in system settings
    Stacks Image 4451
  • Yes but not for every stack. You will find the the download link on the Stack's page.
  • Have you checked the requirements? Newer Stacks usually are created for Stacks 2 only and have been especially marked with the "Made for Stacks 2" sign. Please consider an upgrade because Stacks 2 is a great update for developers and users.
    Since September 5th, 2013 all my Stacks require now Stacks 2!
  • Absolutely, Barz Stacks have been updated to work with RW6 and will show up just fine in the new RapidWeaver addon manager.